I've been thinking about this layout for a long time. My son is currently in the middle of his 2nd tour in Iraq. I miss him terribly and I've worked on this layout since my last retreat in October but have been unable to finish it becuase I could not decide how to lay it out. My hubby recently bought me 5 new cartridges from Cricut Machine.com when they had that great sale a few weeks ago and I got the Stand and Salute cartridge. I was not disappointed! I love the combat boots. I had to leave in the middle of the boot portion of the project to buy just the right laces and it took forever to get all of the holes the right size because I don't have the big crop-a-dile, only the small one and it would not reach all of the holes! But it was so worth it. It's not perfect by any means, but I am happy with it and I know my sonny boy will be happy with it too!

For some reason the photo below uploads and is rotated as below.....I've deleted it and uploaded it multiple times and it still uploads this way. If anyone knows how I can correct this, please let me know. The photo on the page below is of my Sweet Boy! But don't tell him I called him that!

My son is the one on the far left in the top photo and the 2nd from the left on the front row in the bottom photo. I had to take a 2nd glance at the bottom photo when I printed it out because at first glance he looked like Tom Cruise with that expression on his face! If only......LOL!

This is a jon jon I made for my daughters best friend who's baby is turning one next week. Of course she is a big USC fan (but I won't hold that against her), so I had to try this embroidery design on Bryce's outfit. It is called feathermetto which is a cross between a gamecock and the SC Palmetto tree.

These pictures aren't great, but I think you can get the idea. I hope it fits little man! I can't wait to see him sporting this outfit.

I used a black micro check gingham and white broad cloth. The pattern I used was the Childrens Corner Johnny.