Hello blog land. It has been a while since my last post and boy has my life been a whirl wind.

My eldest daughter had a mild stroke about 3 weeks ago and it took 3 trips to the ER and an MRI for the doctors to finally find it because she didn't present classic stroke symptoms. She is doing well but what a scare for a healthy 28 year old.

My husbands oldest daughter has also been in the hospital and very close to death a couple of times. To make a long story short she had surgery at the end of January and unknown to everyone they surgeon completely cut the tube from her kidney to her bladder and fortunately for our daughter the urine that was leaking out formed a cyst. After a week at home and getting very I'll she went back into the hospital but it took another week and a half for the doctors to discover what happened. After 2 more surgeries and3 more weeks in the hospital she is finally home today!

Hopefully our life is returning to normal now and I can blog more regularly. The photos below are a scrapbook layout that I made for my youngest grand-daughter, Britton. She is 4 years old Her birthday was a blast and as you can see from the photos everyone enjoyed themselves.

I scrap lifted this layout from Lauren at Lauren's Creative. She is one of my favorite bloggers/designers. I didn't have the cake that she used but I like the one that I used. I also used Perfect Pearls on the balloons to dress them up since I was at a scrapbook retreat and did not have my cuttlebug.

I hope you enjoy. It's nice to be back! I've missed my blog friends.