This is the candy bar that we created for my grand-daughters 3rd birthday party. I made the "BOO" banner to put on the front of the table and then decorated the table with a black candelabra, little black coffins and tootsie roll pops covered to look like pumpkin faced ghosts. The childrend loved it and had a great time filling their bags with candy, plastic vampire teeth, spider rings and halloween themed pencils.

This is the candelabra I got at Michaels for $14.99.

This is another photo of the table with all the goodies and the banner. I made the banner with my Imagine. It was very easy and I used 2 different halloween packs I bought at Michaels.

This is a spider tee light holder I got at Michaels as well with a fake tee light in it.

These are the pumpkin face ghost suckers I made. At the Maggie Valley Swarm in September, the hostess, Laura showed me how to make these. They were a huge hit with the kids and extremely easy to make. You use a coffee filter, a stamp for the face and twine to tie it on.


Audrey Frelx said...

Wow!!! I love that Halloween table setting!!! Great job! The candlelabra really sets it off!