I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend. My husband and I have spent the weekend rebuilding our 6x6 walk in closet. For such a small space, you wouldn't believe the stuff we had in there. After we emptied the closet and removed the guts of the existing closet, we spent the day Saturday rebuilding it with the Closetmaid system. We went to dinner around 5:30 and after dinner finished the other side of the closet before 8:00pm. The 2nd side went much faster than the first side! Sunday and today were spent going through all the crap that was in the closet. We filled up the back of my husbands Toyota Tacoma and took it to Goodwill. We will be filling the truck later this evening with all of the trash that he is taking to the dump! Only about 1/3 of what came out of the closet has gone back in! I hope to keep it that way.

I will really be celebrating my Memorial Day next week as my son will be coming home from Iraq. He has completed his 2nd tour of duty. It will be my first time to be able to meet him and all of his buddies at their homecoming! I really miss the big lug! I was able to upload the photo above from facebook. My sone is the one on the left.

My new computer won't accept my camera card so I am unable to upload photos. I have been to 2 crops recently and have quite a few pictures to share of projects I have completed along with photos of my Fat Max that I decorated.

As soon as I get a new card I will upload the photos and share what I've been up to.