Hi all, I took my husband to Atlanta today for a Dr.'s appointment and while we were there I stopped in at Jo-Ann's. We don't have one in our town so it is always a treat to go. I had 2 coupons in hand but when I got in the store I found that they didn't have what I was looking for. However, I picked up a few good things on sale and 2 of the items I bought weren't on sale so I was able to use the two coupons I had, a 50% off coupon and a 40% coupon. Overall I spent $22 and some change and got 2 small paper packs, 2 EK Success punches (A 1 1/2 inch scallop and a square punch) and 2 score blades for my trimmer. The scoring blades for my trimmer were the best deal at .97 each! Here's a photo of my small haul!

Wow, after writing this post, I went back and reviewed the receipt and found that I didn't pay $7.97 each for the punches, I only paid $3.97! The sticker price on each was $7.97 but at the register they wrang up for $3.97. Now that's a deal!


Ginger Snaps said...

What a bargain shopper you are! ;)

Audrey Frelx said...

It's me again -- Yippeee!!! You got a couple of more followers!!!

Just checking in on you!

I'll be seeing you!