Hi everyone! I know it's been a while since I've posted anything but since I went on vacation, I've had very little time to craft.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day in my sewing/craft room. I monogrammed the towels, pillowcases and t-shirt below for a dear friend from Church. She was happy with what I did for her and is the only person who insisted that she pay for the work. I haven't really charged in the past becuase I am so new to the craft, but I accepted at her insistance and I hope she will come back for more soon.

I also monogrammed a basket for my grand-daughter and hemmed 3 pair of pants for 2 of my daughters, then I repaired 2 sweaters for friends and repaired the hem in another pair of pants for another friend yesterday! All in all it was a very successful day!

I am working on 7 towles for a Bride to give to her Bridesmaids next week. That will consume the rest of my afternoon and evening tonight and possibly tomorrow night.

Once these jobs are complete I can focus more on the things I want to do. I have some time off work planned for a few days in May so that I can spend some time learning more about scrapbooking and cardmaking in particular.

I hope you can see the photos well and enjoy the work.

I want to thank the followers for browsing my blog and in particular, sweet Audrey Frelix. She has been down for a few weeks with a nasty infection in her hand, but she continues to drop by and leave little comments of encouragement! Thank you Audrey for your dedication. I hope you are feeling better.


Audrey Frelx said...

Shelley, your monogramming is beautiful. God, I haven't been near my machines in it seems like ages!!! Between keeping up with my home, family, blog, blog crafting, blah-blah-blah, I can't find another minute! LOL!!!