In the midst of all of the monogramming and sewing yesterday, I even found time to work on card making....I have so little experience with it, that I went to to watch some videos. I love Lorraines cards and thought I would try to make one of her more simple cards.

I started with the "Cute as a Button" card because I just purchased the Martha Stewart button puch/embosser and I just love it.

I then went further down her blog and saw a pop up birthday card and tried to "CASE" it. I had to deviate from what Lorraine did with a cake because I didn't have one. I tried to put a cupcake in mine, (I cut out two different ones) but both of them stuck out of the bottom of the card when I closed it! LOL What I ended up doing was putting some flowers I had on the inside and it worked out much better. The cards aren't perfect, but I'm still learning and have a long way to go, but overall I am pleased with them!


Audrey Frelx said...

Wow, my friend! You must have really concentrated on Lorraine's videos because you did a great job!!!

P.G. Lamb said...

The colors that you chose are so soothing! Pretty card!

Karen~Independent Scentsy Director said...

Love your blog colors and layout. The cards are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!