I read on one of the message boards over the weekend that Walmart was closing out their scrapbook and sewing areas in some stores. I was on my way to Michaels today and stopped in at my local Walmart to find that my local stores sewing section was gone! I headed for the scrapbook section and sure enough, cricut cartridges were $30! I couldn't believe it. My local Walmart has NEVER had cartridges for under $60, so I looked up quickly to scan the carts to see what was available and there it was......EVERYDAY PAPERDOLLS and there was only 1 left! I practically jerked it off the wall. I couldn't wait to get it home. Almost everything was marked down. I got a Martha Stewart edge punch for $6. I bought Martha Stewart paper packs for $5 and Walmarts other brand of cardstock for $5 each. I bought another pair of cutterbee scissors for $4 and a ton of stickers for .75 and $1. All in All I'm very happy with the purchase and I can't wait to cut one of these cuties out!

THERE'S MORE TO THE STORY: I went back by Walmart this morning on my way to work and found that they had put out a bunch of solutions cartridges.....I got Indie Art for $20 (not a steal but I have been wanting it for a while), but I also got San Serif for $6! All 3 cartridges came with Rewards Points so it has been well worth the experience!

I'm going to go by there one more time as they have "Wild Card" but it was not yet marked down. I'm going to see if maybe they haven't tagged it but it is marked down. I really need that cart! LOL

Wish me luck everyone!


Emerald Jayd said...

What a steel! Great find Girl! Congrats! maybe I should check my local walmart! lol

Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, Shelley. Just dropping in on you, my friend, to see how you're doing and to say hello.

Have a great weekend, and a very Happy Mother's Day!!!